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Coffee beans refer to the plant fruits used for making coffee. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of coffee beans in the world,

arabica beans and robusta beans. The fruit of coffee is composed of two oval seeds. The connecting side is a flat joint, called flat

bean. But there are also round beans, which are composed of a round seed. 

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About the Beans

There are many ap-plications of CO_2 in the field of overcritical extraction. In abroad, CO_2 is used as extraction agent to get coffee bean, coffeine from tea, cholesterol from cream, vanillin from sweetgrass bean, nicotine from tobacco etc. 

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The beans are then ground and packaged for sale as ground coffee.

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Known for its full coffee bean flavor and oak finish. 

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Getting fair trade certificate for Congolese coffee took two years.  


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Top pin this week:H. Upmann Royal Robusto Known for its full coffee bean flavor and oak finish.

  • Typica bean ————————————— 2.88$

  • Bourbon baen ———————————— 3.22$

  • Mundo novo bean ——————————  2.22$

  • Gesha bean ————————————— 4.88$

  • Caturra bean ————————————   3.22$


Years of

A hot drink made from coffee powder and boiling water. It may be drunk with milk and/or sugar added.

  • Robusta, which originated in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and other places around Lake Victoria, is now widely planted in Southeast Asia, with unique barley tea aroma and relatively heavy bitter taste. Strong body and strong disease resistance

  • Conillon, which comes from the west of Lake Victoria, is called Conillon in Brazil. It also has light tea fragrance and bitter taste

  • Pacamara, a large grain variety developed in El Salvador, has a refreshing and sour taste, and its output is quite rare, so it is widely noticed

  • SL28, SL is a hybrid of Bourbon and Heirloom. About 90% of Kenya's star coffee is exported as SL, which is sweet and charming


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Below is a list of the different types of coffees you can order at our Coffee Houses.

  • Typica, a native variety of Arabica, is very fresh and has a floral fragrance. It is characterized by light acidity and soft fragrance of citrus.

  • Bourbon, one of the original varieties of Arabica, is just a mutant of tepika. Bourbon has strong aroma and rich sour taste.

  • Mundo Novo is a hybrid of Bourbon and Manterning. Strong adaptability to the environment and excellent taste balance.

  • Caturra, short in stature, is a typical Bourbon mutant of dwarf species. It is produced at high altitude with light sour taste and concentration.

  • Gesha is a very valuable variety with low yield. Characterized by strong aroma and refreshing sour taste, the taste has attracted many people


There are hundreds of varieties of coffee beans, and today we will focus on the nine most common varieties.

Coffee beans refer to the plant fruits used for making coffee. Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of coffee beans in the world, arabica beans and robusta beans. 

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Francisco Franco

The origin of coffee can be traced back to millions of years ago. In fact, the real time when it was discovered is no longer available. It is only said that coffee is Ethiopia


John Wilson

I want to use a "medium", which means light, delicious and energetic Central American beans


Henri Rene Albert

The factors affecting the taste are the type of coffee tree, the nature of the soil where it grows, the climate and altitude of the plantation, the prudence of picking results, and the process of bean processing.


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